My Wedding Day

A contorted perception of reality,  passionate impulsiveness and an unshakable confidence that it will all work out in the end often cause me to blissfully ignore logic and make decisions based on a hopeful projection of the future where I am the hero of the moment, spotlight shining on me and everyone applauding me.
At times like this I forget everything –  all my previous catastrophes deluding myself once again that it will end like perfectly imagined.

Now such decisions in daily life – choosing clothes, going on picnics seems fine, but when this blind optimism takes over my mind on important days, say, such as my WEDDING DAY, its then and only then do I finally learn my lesson.

This is the story of my wedding day..

In an impetuous moment , intoxicated by the romance of   planning a wedding , The Husband and I decided that we must write our own wedding Vows. No, Sire!! no cliché of promises for us, we would do our own thing….

As the wedding day drew close, I was sucked into a whirlwind of celebrations, parties and I boogied, and dawdled and boondoggled and lollygagged until the day of the wedding.

And so it came to pass that on the day of my wedding instead on blissfully catching up on my beauty sleep, I started writing my vows at 1.00 a.m. Overcome by extreme sleep and intense excitement , my torrent of thoughts resulted in a mere trickle of words. I had writers block and I had it bad.

With sudden panic I remembered that husband-to-be was a genius writer and that my vows had to be better than his.. This simple thought was enough fuel to surge together all my creative powers and within no time, I had before me the best wedding vows ever written in the history of wedding vows.

But by then I was reduced to a helpless passenger in my sleep-deprived body and instead of memorizing my vows like a perfect bride to be, I once again deluded myself into believing that all my super human brain had to do was read it once and I would be able to recite it. Thus having calmed my mind into a state of rapturous bliss I headed to bed.

As I headed to church that morning, I was confident, I had read my vows and I would now recite it like a Shakespearean sonnet drenched in emotions and dripping with love.

But this was not to be… Reality, like a snake emerging from hood, bit me a hard…

I floated down the aisle and listened misty eyed as the Husband read me his sonnet of vows.

It was my turn but to my utter disbelief I blanked out.

I decided to read out the vows

Halfway through i realised that like the Husband I too must look into his eyes

I looked at him

I looked down and missed the line I was reading…. Where was I?

I could not find the line… so quickly picked a random line and read again… and reached the end.

Then I suddenly realized that I missed a vital  line saying that I take him as my Husband…

I started the vows again.. eyes darting up and down.. like clockwork..every second.

It was long and left many people confused about what was I saying, but I finally got through my Vows…..



16 Comments to “My Wedding Day”

  1. True story?

    I loved how you drew and worked on hard on the post ❤


  2. Beautifully written… The detailed pictures are amazing.. Question Question ??? True story???

  3. bwhahahaha can actually imagine you doing something like that! Sigh…someone should have warned arun,i still remember the kind of writing he wrote 🙂

    Seriously though,who does the illustration?

  4. hahhahaha………… i completely agree with mary .. when i was reading this i could imagine what ur facial expressions would be n how Arun would be reacting… hahahah……. too good lucky.. muaaaah

  5. Me having giant crush after reading all the post!

  6. Darlg i still remembr this moment and trust me u were beautiful & romantic 🙂
    This is one of my best romantic scenes (amongst other SRK movies) till date…

  7. Loved the way u hav narrated it…especially the pics…they r lovely.

  8. Hi, this appears to me the dedication towards a post and blog.. i admire your blog on it’s first look..

  9. Hehe.. love the art and the true tale.. the vows worked.. 🙂

  10. i cant believe this actually happened, but you write so well, it is very well descirbed i felt as if i was there. Happy new year though!!!

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